I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.

— Robert Frost


Starting and Running a Startup

Best Startup Advice
CBInsights – best overall startup/vc data
Best of Y-Combinator Startup Advice
Tom Eisenmann Platform & Networks – Harvard Business School
Uber list of Startup Resources – Legal, Equity, etc. – Bottom Line Law Group

Coworking Spaces
ShareDesk – find a workspace in your city
Coworkify – find a workspace in your city
FoundersDen – San Francisco workspace
SandBoxSuites – SF Bay Area shared workspace
RocketSpace – SF Bay Area shared workspace
HackerDojo – community center in Mountain View

Entrepreneurship Reading List
Books for Startups – My favorite business books
My Class and Presentation Slides

Incorporating Your Company
State By State Incorporation Advice – Harbor Compliance
Clerky – incorporation and equity paperwork made easy

Startups Data
Mattermark – quantifying company growth for startup investors
Compass – turn data into actionable insights
AngelList – connecting startups and angels

Public Relations for Tech Companies
Tech Reporters Contact Info – Conrad Egusa’s gift to us all
Should Startups Announce their Funding – Marc Suster
Should Startups target Tech Blogs? – Marc Suster
How to get media coverage – Leo Widrich

Advice on Raising Startup Capital
What Every Founder Should Know About Liquidity – Steve Blank
The Optimal Seed Round Strategy – Tom Tunguz
How Much Should I Raise in an Angel Round in 2015 – Calacanis
Raising Capital 2016 – Sam Altman Y Combinator
Raising Capital 2014 – Andreesen Horowitz
A Guide to Seed Fundraising – Geoff Ralston
Seed Fund Performance – Pevcbanker
LinkedIn’s Series B Pitch – Reid Hoffman
How VC’s Calculate Return on Investment – Fred Wilson
Startup Valuation
Advice – Mark Suster
Fundraising 101 Checklist – Walker
Pitching a VC – Mark Suster Advice
How VC’s Evaluate Startups – Thomvest Ventures
Seed Stage Valuation Guide – Jordan Cooper
Guide to Venture Debt – Bessemer
Alternate Funding Ideas – Business Insider

Venture Capital Financing
MoneyTree – PricewaterhouseCoopers
Fenwick and West – Venture Financing
NVCA – National Venture Capital Association
Venture Capital Survey – San Jose Mercury News

Boilerplate Venture Funding Documents
YCombinator – SAFE (simple agreement for future equity)
Orick’s Legal Documents for Startups – priceless
Scott Walker Advice on Termsheet Provisions
YCombinator Series AA Equity Financing Documents
National Venture Capital Association – model legal documents
Series Seed Documents – Fenwick & West seed investment standard forms, used by most angels
TechStars Model Seed Funding Documents – Cooley Godward
Orrick, Herrington Term Sheet Generator
Founders Institute Plain Preferred Term Sheet – WSGR
Docracy – free legal documents
ScottEdWalker – this legal blog is gold for a startup
TLDRLegal – software licenses explained

Cap Tables / Valuation
Cap Table Template – Fred Wilson
Cap Tables 101
– Capshare
How to Make a Cap Table – venture hacks
Captable.io – startup cap table mgmt
2014 Valuation Advice – Andreessen Horowitz
eShares – cab table management
Convertible Notes – Funders Club
CapTable.io – set up your companies cap table
Awesome Valuation/Equity Calculator – ownyourventure
Simple CapTable Calculator – David Miller
How VC’s Calculate Valuation – Mark Suster

Building / Managing Your Board
Building an Effective Board – Kauffman Foundation (PDF)
Why Board Meetings Suck Part 1 – Steve Blank
Why Board Meetings Suck Part 2 – Steve Blank
• LaunchPad Central – Model Canvas/Customer Dev
Don’t Give Away Your Board Seats – Steve Blank

Intellectual Property Advice
Patents – U.S. Patent Office
Trademarks – U.S. Patent Office
Intellectual Property in the “Real World”– Antone Johnson
“Nuts and Bolts” of Intellectual Property – Antone Johnson
Intellectual Property for Startups – Mashtag
Trademark University – Gerben Law

Web / Mobile / Marketplace Revenue Models
Startup Growth Calculator – Trevor Blackwell
Inside Sales Metrics – Tom Tunguz
Web/Mobile Revenue Models – Fred Wilson
Optimal Platform Pricing Strategies – Bill Gurley
Dangers of Lifetime Value – formula – Bill Gurley
Advertising Revenue Models – Fred Wilson
Subscription Revenue Models – Fred Wilson
Peer to Peer Revenue Models – Fred Wilson
Transaction Processing Revenue Models – Fred Wilson
Licensing Revenue Models – Fred Wilson
Mobile Revenue Models – Fred Wilson

Burn Rate / Balance Sheet
Burn Rates: How Much? – Fred Wilson
Saas Startup Balance Sheets – cash & debt by year

In the modern world of business, it is useless to be a creative original thinker unless you can also sell what you create.
— David Ogilvy