Our Startups

Scalable Ventures has created startups based on our own ideas.
Focused on B2B Internet and Mobile startups that are scalable and have the potential to become successful fast-growth ventures.

With over two decades of proven experience, our team has identified techniques that help create successful companies.

We like to collaborate with founders of early-stage companies whose missions we believe in.

With business website needs in mind, Magnt is a fully responsive website builder designed to make it easy for anyone to create a mobile website.

HiveDesk provides a platform that makes it easy for businesses to manage a virtual team or remote workforce.

Entrepreneur named HiveDesk in an elite list of top tools for managing employees who work from home.

Tools, tips, and training for IT managers.

Why re-invent the wheel? Toolkit Café has a full line of IT policy, process, project and security-related tools, templates and materials to guide you though the critical nuances of many common IT management procedures.