Our Investments

Scalable Ventures only invests in startups where we believe we can add meaningful value.

As a general rule, we prefer to invest with friends, or, in friends.


Capture Behavioral Engagement (CBE) is the first marketing automation software created specifically for higher education. CBE allows you to track, analyze and report on visitors’ real-time site behavior, giving you the ability to better communicate the right message at the most relevant time.

Capture’s full service marketing includes everything from email and digital ads to direct mail and search consulting. Personalized to your brand and prospective students and alumni, when Capture’s marketing is paired with CBE and Envision it’s like connecting the dots and creating the most intelligent marketing outreach in the industry.

A program that analyzes a company’s specific trends and provides individualized coaching and health care management for targeted employees, which can dramatically improve medical treatment and compliance while lowering claims for service.

SentryHealth has a management team that has spent decades developing entrepreneurial solutions to problems in the U.S. health care delivery system. The founders have extensive backgrounds in medicine, health care management, and clinical and claims cost analysis.

Sentry Health

A fan loyalty & engagement platform for colleges and universities allowing them to engage and communicate with their fan base.

You can customize every aspect of the app – from the app name and icon, to just about everything inside so that it matches your current branding and reflects your goals for a rewards program. We can even help you integrate sponsors and their needs.

A virtual assistant that makes you better at your job. Talla responds to natural language and can answer questions, automate workflows, and schedule meetings.

Intelligent assistants for teams. Add Talla to your company’s Slack and instantly give everyone an assistant to help them communicate, automate and coordinate on hundreds of tasks every day.

A full service solution to microgravity research and design. Space Tango streamlines and simplifies the unique environment that microgravity offers to discover and commercialize solutions for applications on earth.

Space Tango allows users to focus on their work while they manage the complexities of traveling to and operating in microgravity. They are committed to the standardization of processes to provide a seamless experience. Space Tango strives to diversify the use of microgravity as they invite industries of any kind to reach beyond in hope of improving life on Earth.

The Dealer Trade Network is the largest and most trusted name in dealer trades. Their trading partners need assistance with their inventory and rely on our professional staff to accomplish the mission. The objective may be to place excess inventory, or purchase new car inventory through business to business wholesale transactions.

Direct Investments

Vik and his wife Vidya have made a number of direct investments.